System and Support

Project description:

You are passionate about the latest developments in web technologies and applications. You enjoy developing new websites or optimising existing ones. You have a broad interest in digital marketing, personalization, analytics… and therefore you will gladly collaborate in internal and external communications, through the web applications and marketing platforms.


• Together with your colleagues you are in charge of the development of new, efficient website(s), and
the continuous improvement of existing one.
• You will also update and manage the webpages of the website so we can offer a seamless customer
experience to our visitors.
• As webmaster, you support the internal and external communications strategies through a.o. web
• You execute e-mail campaigns with detailed attention to graphics and contents. You follow and
challenge the requirements and you propose the best solution for the end customer.
• You are also in charge of the entire release schedule as well as the testing of website promote. You
synchronise the release with the persons in the Business lines.
• You are responsible of the availability of the websites and you insure the quality of the releases.
• A keen eye on the user experience of the website or application throughout the entire process.
• You will work very closely with the project manager, designer, developer and Business (Marketing).
• You can monitor and analyse the websites performances and you propose improvements to increase
visits, conversion, …

Technical skills:

Creative, dynamic and aware about the latest technologies.
 ambitious and knowledge of hardware, network- and systeem
control tools.
 You have a deep knowledge of web technologies such as HTML,
CSS, Jason, Javascript
 Experience with emailing platforms and/or knowledge of
 You have an interest in online marketing, web analytics and SEO.
 Team player, problem-solving experience and ability to resolve
 Strong organizational skills, stress resistant, and proactive
 High degree of accuracy; logical thinker, strategic mind-set
 Several years of experience is a plus.
 Attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills
 Quality and testing strategy
 Knowledge of CMS (as Sharepoint or AEM or …)

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing