Web (React) Developer / Analyst Medior





Project description:

Technical Analyst and Development (50% / 50%)
The focus of the technical analyst / developer is situated in the translation of the business requirements and the results of the functional analysis into a technical solution. This technical solultion and the results of the analysis is written down in a technical analysis specification document
The developer is responsible to perform the actual coding of the solution, taking into account coding standards and procedures. Improvements to the application and maintainability have to be taken into account during the implementation phase.
Also code reviews and testing of code of peer colleagues is part of the package
The technical analyst / developer guards the correct implementation of the solution and finally delivers the proper documentation for operational readiness.


• Translate the functional requirements into a solid technical solution.
• Execute and describe the technical solution in a technical analysis document
• Perform technical impact analysis of the project and derive needed code changes
• Develop tools and application software as described in the functional and technical analysis
• Guard the quality of the developed application with respect to usability and cost optimization and check whether it is in line with the technical design.
• Include Unit testing and proper inline documentation in the code deliveries
• Perform code reviews of peer developments
• Ensure the usage of structured methods and techniques, the use of standards and guidelines.
• Support the test team with technical know-how
• Ensure proper documentation for operational readiness
• Support code patching and the writing/reviewing of the release documentation

Technical skills:

• In depth knowledge of React
• Able to challenge colleagues
• Able to review and challenge current framework
• Able to advise colleagues for best practices in React development
• Knowledge of Unix, Linux, PHP, Java, Web API , Javascript, GIT, jQuery
• Result driven and able to take ownership
• Strong teamplayer
• Able to work autonomous and have strong communicative skills
• Quality and accuracy is very important
• Flexibility between the different area’s and enthusiasm are key
• A strong affinity with technology
• Preferable language : Dutch

Contact person:

Contact name: David Van Hooydonck