Technical analyst


Antwerp area



Project description:

  • The Technical Analyst (TA) is responsible for translating functional analysis into one high-quality technical IT solution at application level, taking into account established requirements, quality, budget and scope.
  • The TA is responsible for the quality of the technical design that meets the functional requirements and is at the same time consistent with architectural guidelines.
  • Understanding the functional and non-functional requirements
    • the TA must first of all properly understand the specific functional and non-functional requirements o be able to provide a qualitative technical solution
    • the TA questions the solution team and looks into any uncertainties or omissions. He she validates the functional analysis and provides input to the application owner for the impact on IT application (s).
    • depending on the project, the TA is involved in the elaboration of the solution definition during the RSM phase
  • Translate from functional analysis to technical analysis:
    • the TA translates the functional analysis into a complete and validated technical IT solution application level (data and application model, data mapping, etc.). He / she ensures technical analysis that has been worked out in sufficient depth and ensures that the functional and non-functional requirements be covered by the technical analyzes provided.
    • the TA prepares the technical analysis in accordance with the applicable procedures and processes and ensures that this is the case
    • is aligned with the architectural vision and application architecture and that it is sufficiently future proof.
    • for the preparation of the technical analysis, he / she requires input from relevant stakeholders.
    • the TA writes the functional analysis in a clear and complete technical analysis that is in line with the set standards. He / she ensures the necessary coordination with parties involved within IT and presents his analysis to colleagues in function of review.
  • Forming a bridge between the teams involved in implementation of the solution definitio
    • The TA takes on the role from ICT as a contact person to the teams involved in defining, implementing and validating the solution definition. The TA takes on the following tasks:
      • Transfer of knowledge based on manuals, manuals and training documents; ▪ Supporting delivery team (s);
      • Delivering technical test scenarios, performing system tests and interpreting test results;
      • Provide technical support throughout the implementation process
      • Perform 3rd line incident analysis;
      • Participate, set up and validate POC;
      • The TA also monitors the reliability and continuity of certain applications. In case of defects the TA searches for causes, work-arounds and cooperates in a definitive solution. He / she also searches proactively for other situations in which similar defects could occur.

Soft skills:

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in IT or Business Economics or equivalent experience.
  • Strong technical IT affinity.
  • Languages: fluent in Dutch and English

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing