Solution analyst




Project description:

The Solution Analyst (SA) analyzes and translates the functional and non-functional "requirements" in a functional/technical related design, taking into account the context (existing architecture, existing other projects, technical possibilities and limitations, etc.). The SA also implements and maintains specific applications/configurations, provides end-user support within his / her scope.


1. Business Requirements

• Review the high-level business requirements (written by Business)
• Critically evaluate the requirements, prioritize the requirements (get a validation on the Minimal Viable Product).

• Participate in defining, weighing and checking the scope of the project.
• Write the detailed requirements by e.g. translating the high-level requirements into user stories.

• Ensure that the detailed requirements are understood by appropriate parties, from a functional point of view.

• Impact analysis (root cause analysis -> solution design)

• Propose alternatives for solutions where needed.

2. Functional analysis
• Take charge in finding the relevant functional and technical information, given that there is not a lot of documentation foreseen, the knowledge is mostly shared amongst the people
• Quickly resume the required information and acquire the necessary knowledge to perform the functional analysis
• Perform functional analysis of the systems in cooperation with the business representatives
• Organize, if necessary, review cycle(s) with appropriate parties
• Take the final responsibility regarding the quality of the functional phase with the aim of determining the potential functional changes and / or improvements to the subsystems as well (impact analysis / gap analysis)
• Document the outcomes of the functional analyses extensively

3. Technical design
• Perform a technical analysis of the systems
• Assess whether technical analysis meets the functional requirements.
• Take the final responsibility for the quality of the technical phase and thus ensure the development of a manageable system that meets the standards and can integrated into the landscape of existing IT systems.
• Organize if necessary, review cycle(s) with appropriate parties.
• Adjust parameters/configuration in systems. For example for tarifications in our databases

4. Compliance with Standards
• Work in line with the standards that apply within the company, actively monitor the implementation of standards to develop applications in a uniform way.

5. Project follow-up

• Deliver workload estimates for writing out both Functional and Technical Analysis, based upon high-level requirements.

• Deliver workload estimates for Build & Unit Testing en System Testing (incl System Integration Testing)

• Ensure the follow-up of several project phases e.g. able in leading daily meetings when working in sprints (scrums) during the Solution Design phase or able in acting as Scrum Master’s substitute where required.

• Support the project management and planning so that the project is in line with the agreed standards, keeping in mind the priority, budget, desired completion date and relevance.

• Participate to any project phase where required e.g. key actor in testing phases (System testing, Uat, etc.) by analyzing defects and providing solutions.

• Act as a key actor on projects together with the Project Manager, Scrum Master and Test Coordinator along all projects.

Technical skills:

• Master IT or similar due to experience

• 3-5 years’ experience in a similar functional and technical function

• Extensive knowledge of Non-Life / Claims products (minimum 3 years of relevant experience)

• Good transversal insurance knowledge (other than Non-Life Domains)

• Experience with Enterprise Architect & Jira
• Good communication skills

• Good documentation skills

• Very strong analytical skills
• Flexible, fast thinking mindset

• Proactive, agile mindset: looking further than own tasks, helping on achieving a good team result

• Accurate way of working

• Stress-resistant

• Assertive

• Experience with SCRUM

Nice to have :

• Experience in Mainframe / CICS environments

• Experience with commercial Front applications

• Guidewire knowledge (PolicyCenter, Billing Center, Product, Portals, Batches, Integration)

Soft skills:

Dutch / French : native language with a good knowledge of the other language.

English : good knowledge.

Contact person:

Contact name: Tania De Wit