Solaris Expert




Project description:

In order to deliver the required services, solid knowledge and experience in most of the following fields is deemed important:

  • Engineering, supporting and maintaining mission-critical Solaris based systems, including problem solving, performance tuning and capacity planning
  • Supporting the lifecycle of a technical service, both in terms of running and improving it: defining system specifications, supporting its installation, integration, test, acceptance and deployment to production; providing third level support of the service, while maintaining agreed service level agreements and deadlines.
  • Solaris 10 / 11 and high availability / cluster solutions
  • Solaris 10 / 11 partitioning and virtualization
  • Hardening of Solaris 10 / 11
  • ZFS File System Administration.
  • Experience interfacing Solaris with volumes hosted within Storage Area Networks.
  • Scripting: shell, korn, bash, PERL
  • Networking (TCP/IP, Firewall technology…) and system security
  • Client/Server architecture and virtualization technology (zones, ldoms, containers…)
  • Relational and/or time series databases
  • Good understanding and relevant experience working with ITIL processes, particularly change, incident and problem management
  • Writing design documentation and technical procedures

The following behavioural competencies are expected:

  • Sense of initiative and ownership
  • good analytic problem-solving skills
  • commitment to the achievement of team and organisational goals
  • ability to manage multiple assignments and track progress on numerous processes simultaneously
  • diplomacy and tact when dealing with colleagues and customers
  • aptitude to communicate ideas with simple/clear words or images
  • service-oriented


The required services cover the reinforcement of the SDPE/FAME Services team needed to free technical resource for the SPACE project, and the execution of maintenance and support of operations related to the SDPE/FAME Services technical service, to maintain stability of operations and to contribute to the ECB’s service delivery. The service shall be provided at the ECB site in order to facilitate the knowledge transfer from the SDPE/FAME Services team.

Specifically, the following services are required.

  • Provision of support for SDPE/FAME-related matters during lifecycle of the mentioned service and for the technical services in specifications, integration, test, acceptance and deployment stages, including:
    • Performing the deployment of SDPE/FAME-related services in the development, test and production environments, including assessment, engineering (prototyping and procedure built), change management, implementation and handover assisting Data Centre Operations in the roll-out and post implementation,
    • request required firewall rules and load balancers, including providing network firewall matrix for the SDPE/FAME Services components and environments
    • documenting installation, operational procedures for further deployments by the Data Centre Operations, including documenting SDPE/FAME Services Releases deliverables (such as operational acceptance)
  • Provide information regarding SDPE/FAME Services requested by other DG-IS and GTS services
  • Guide business users on how to make use of the provided services.
  • SDPE/FAME Services maintenance on Solaris 11 with its administration and troubleshooting; including central management, definition of standard and custom monitoring and performing preventive or remedial maintenance.
  • Solaris cluster configuration on Solaris 11 including administration and troubleshooting, definition of standard and custom monitoring and performing preventive or remedial maintenance
  • Provide support for preparation and execution of recovery and contingency exercises.

Technical skills:

  • UNIX Servers (Solaris 11 OS)
  • FAME software (Market Map Analytical Platform: Server, Time IQ, Web Factory)
  • SPD – Oracle database (Hosted on Exadata)
  • FAME Populator
  • Open Text Exceed Emulation
  • Perl
  • JAVA (Oracle JDK and Open JDK)
  • R software (Oracle R Distribution for Solaris SPARC)
  • Tomcat Servers (SDPE Portal, EXDI Uploader)

Contact person:

Contact name: Jasper van Beek