Senior .NET C# Developer




IT Development

Project description:

Our customer is actively looking for a Senior .NET C# developer - at least 5Y of experience in development to join one of his PSM teams. The objective of these teams is to supply services for a series of critical core-applications for Gasflow management especially on the external messaging platform (Connect):
• Product Support: Ensuring the continuity of the operations of the software product and providing support to the users of these applications.
• Product Maintenance: Ensuring the correct functioning of the software product: resolution of production problems and adaptation of the software product to a changed environment.
• Product Enhancement: Providing a software product that is fully adapted to the business needs by implementing new functionality requested by the business users.
• Project Services: Adapting the software product to fit requirements from corporate-wide projects.

The candidate will be involved in all aspects of the services, including bug finding and resolution, incident management, new developments, … .

Based on detailed analysis (UML), and following the customer's guidelines and market best practices the candidate will produce quality code, with unit-testing, code coverage and documentation. The candidate will also participate in the design of the solution in collaboration with the technical architect. Ideally the candidate will have relevant experience in corporate-wide projects.


• Cooperate with Technical Lead and Project Manager to produce functionalities.
• Implement new functionalities and maintain existing software.
• Testing (unit tests, integration tests).
• Collaborate with operations teams to deploy/configure the software.
• Realize support and maintenance service by helping in bug finding and resolution, incident management.
• Propose Architectural improvements of existing products.
• Together with the Technical Architect participate in design phase of new products.

Technical skills:

• Ability to develop on the .Net platform in a structured way according to the coding conventions and rules.
• Ability to do bottom-up research for problem diagnostics.
• Experience in implementing software development good practices.
• Experience in maintaining complex software systems with a large codebase.
• Affinity with the technical stack used by the team:

  • .Net Core 3.1 / .Net Framework
  • ASP.NET WebApi / WCF
  • Javascript and Angular.
  • RabbitMQ or affinity with other Messaging platforms
  • Entity Framework or NHibernate
  • SqlServer or Oracle
  • DDD
  • TDD
  • Design patterns

Soft skills:

Communication Skills
• Ability to communicate with business analysts for understanding the specifications and designs that form the basis for implementation
• Ability to communicate with technical lead to understand the constraints of the architecture that must be followed.
• Ability to communicate in Dutch (spoken) or French (spoken) and English (spoken and written)

Personal Skills
• Ability to work relatively independently following the priorities and timing of the release plan
• Ability to work structured following the procedures (check-in, check-out, time sheet reporting, punctuality)
• Ability to work according to rules, standards and guidelines defined in the architecture
• Ability to communicate realistic predictions about the development work
• Ability to learn a complex business model

Contact person:

Contact name: Isel Ricaurte