Senior Agile Coach





Project description:

The clint is looking for a senior agile coach who will take part in the overall Tribe managment. A vacancy has been opened to recruit a senior agile coach as part of the fixed staff.
To bridge the period where this internal vacancy is not yet covered, we are looking for an external agile coach that can be assigned to these responsibilities ad interim.

At the client, the IT service delivery is being done with a strong emphasis on Agile principles, with high attention to customer needs and self-steering teams (squads). These teams are organized in units (tribes).
The I&O Tribe is in charge of delivering Infrastructure & Operations across the entire Group. By providing first class systems, in an integrated landscape of enterprise applications, we are supporting the ambitions on digital leadership and growth for the company.
These responsibilities bring specific challenges to the department:
- A broad variation in customers from a variety of departments and countries, all with particular context and needs;
- Strong emphasis on integrations and interfaces, often requiring alignment and stakeholder management towards other teams and external parties;
- An ongoing shift from Build to Buy, from development to configuration and implementation;
- The need to leverage the benefits of cloud, and the expertise of external parties.

The growth of the client, both organically as through our strategy of merges and acquisitions is further amplifying the above challenges.


As a senior agile coach you will take part in the management of the Tribe and Cluster, setting out its direction and realizing its ambitions by
(1) supporting the people and the teams in their practice of agile methods;
(2) introducing processes for the governance and HR management, in the wider context of IT Services and agile;
Planning and prioritizing the work
- Help, facilitate prepare plans, proposals, backlogs by aggregating and analyzing information from Product Owners and Scrum Masters;
- Promote self-organization and team spirit inside the Tribe;
- Promote continuous improvement within the Tribe;
- Manage relations with other departments and external stakeholders
Managing the Tribe & Cluster
- Contribute to defining and realizing the strategy of the Tribe, taking part in the daily management of the Tribe;
- Ensures squads contains sufficient capabilities (e.g., initiate recruiting, guide development), in coordination with Tribe Lead who is responsible for recruiting;
- Coaches the teams on delivering added value, trust, transparency, effective practices, job expectations, contribution, attitude and continuous improvement;
- Inspires the squads and being able to give agile training: development of training plans, designing trainings for capability buildings;
- Resolves organizational issues that block squad members and which cannot be resolved in the squads;
- Coaching Tribe leaders, Cluster leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Engineers, junior agile coaches;
- Coach the leadership and executive teams to create an environment where agile values and principles are adopted;
- Contribute to the agile coach community.
Managing the people
- Take care of HR admin such as long-term leave, planning and signing of vacations, prolonged illness. This also involves the recruitment of new team members;
- Agrees to personal development goals, gathers feedback and does final assessment for the Engineers within their squads;
- Responsible for the talent management of the Engineers within their squads;
- Gives feedback to squad members on regular basis;
- Act as communication channel between management and engineers.

Technical skills:

- Solid experience on the domain of people management;
- The ability to create an environment where teams and employees are inspired to embrace change;
- Coach individuals in order to stimulate experimentation and innovation. You have a natural interest in people and are a convincing and inspiring personality;
- The ability to share leadership responsibilities in the team;
- The ability to coach employees in discovering and developing his/her talent in an environment of continuous learning;
- Preferably experience in an enterprise environment with ERP-grade implementations;
- Self-mastery, with e.g. proactively identifies and drives large improvement initiatives;
- Emotional intelligence and ability to resolve conflicts.

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing