Scrum Master


IT Project Management Office (PMO)

Project description:

An "Agile mindset" implies:

  • a positive attitude and pragmatism

  • thirst for knowledge: Agile is about learning and adapting. Knowledge sharing is key to success.

  • The goal of team success: Agile is about the success of the team, no individual success or heroic behavior. It is more important for the team to succeed than for the individual to have completed his/her tasks.

  • There is no failure, only feedback: Agile is about taking everything as lessons, adjusting actions based on the feedback, resulting in continuous improvement.

Beyond the roles:  Agile teams are cross-functional.  All required disciplines are represented in the team (analysis, development, testing, … ). However, although team members have a primary role representing a discipline, they are expected to take on other roles and contribute to other disciplines  whenever it helps towards reaching the sprint goal.

Project follow-up

  • set up and facilitate the Scrum ceremonies (Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review, Sprint Planning, Retrospective) and other meetings

  • schedule and follow the key steps of the methodology

  • guarantee a smooth use of the Scrum methodology and help the Project Team face any obstacles

  • provide assistance or support to the Product Owner concerning the Product Backlog

  • assist and support the team in the delivery of the Definition of Done (DoD), Sprint Backlog, etc.

  • track team capacity and velocity metrics for planning and progress purposes

Project methodology and Coaching

  • coach and challenge the Project Team

  • help the Project Team face any difficulties and promote its gradual self-organization

  • remove barriers to team effectiveness and protect the team from outside distractions

  • ambassador of agile methods within the company

  • provide to his/her superiors a reporting on the proper deployment of the Scrum methodology within projects

  • risk & issue management

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of agile reporting and follow-up tools (e.g. Jira)

  • Understanding of tooling on automated unit testing, automated functional testing and continuous integration tooling

  • Sound knowledge of software development methodology

  • Sound knowledge of project management methodology

Expert knowledge of agile methodology and techniques (e.g. Kanban)

Soft skills:

  • Team player

  • Communicative

  • Organizer

  • Knowledge sharing

Contact person:

Contact name: Yves De Vocht