Risk Officer Project Manager Core Banking




Management and Business Consulting

Project description:

  • There is a need to frame the risks regarding the core banking renewal. The second line (CISO-Office) needs to reinforce his workforce in order to be able to cover on the fly and follow up the risks that arise when the project progresses.
  • This person who will reinforce the CISO-office will support and represent the 2nd line on a day-to-day basis towards the project team. This person will attend all meetings, working sessions, events, workshops, brainstorming, steering committees and will support t all project team members by highlight risks before they become persistent. He will advice on strategic decisions able to mitigate the risk or to prevent them.
  • He will regularly report to the CISO the macro risks he will identify all day all time.
  • The CISO-office needs someone with some cloud transformation experience in order to be on the spot when starting.


Objective 1: Support CBR program from the CISO perspective

  1. Validation of program deliverables (with a risk mitigation/prevention focus)
  2. Validation of the existing risk framework & review of risk reporting methodology:
    • The Framework was developed within the Core Banking Renewal program by 1st line and is based on GDPR legislation, EBA guidelines & IT Security best practices;
    • The Review of the risk register will have to be performed from the perspective of 2nd line risk management;
  3. Coaching in the identification & evaluation of risks.

Objective 2: Reinforce the CISO on the topics covered by the program (e.g. cloud - IaaS/SaaS).

  1. Reviewing security policies & standards regarding the use of cloud services;
  2. Coaching of 2nd line risk management (DPO, CISO, Internal Risk) & non-financial risk team(s):
    • Translation/establish a bridge between the technical teams and the risk teams;
    • Support the risk teams in evaluating the risks
    • Translate and clarify concepts of the Core Banking Transformation Platform in a non-technical way for further dissemination inthe organization;

Objective 3: Provide support for preparing the case for the transformation to the cloud case to the regulator (framework to apply EBA Outsourcing guidelines)

Technical skills:

  • Financial Services: Junior/8 Years of experience
  • Cloud Transformation experience
  • Non Financial Risks experience
  • IT: Junior/8 Years of experience

Soft skills:

  • Dutch / French / English
  • Medior 3 - 8 years experience

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing