Risk and Compliance domain Business Analyst




IT Analysis

Project description:

The GBS division ensures competitiveness by delivering reliable and sustainable IT solutions for the financial securities markets.

The position has opened within Corporate Support team and more specifically the Compliance & Risk Roadmap team, responsible for several Compliance & Risks applications of the company.

We are looking for 1 Business Analyst to cover the Risk & Compliance domains, specifically to participate in the IRM (Integrated Risk management) project, with a high degree of business engagement, therefore a high level of Risk or Compliance domain knowledge is essential.

The IRM project aims at offering a single platform at Group level to manage risks by all three level of defense. The first element of the platform (Risk Event) has been delivered, as part of the features of ServiceNow. The next phases of the project for 2020 are aimed at onboarding all entities as well as offering a solution for the remaining elements of the Risk & Compliance Framework.


The function has several aspects, but we are looking for someone who is willing to invest themselves in the end-to-end in the delivery of the changes from requirements gathering to production implementation:

• You’ll be acting as Business Analyst:
• You understand the needs of our group Risk &/or Compliance teams
• You understand how businesses are structured
• You produce detailed user stories in line with agile methodologies, thus experienced in an agile way of working
• You identify, describe and validate business solutions to meet Risk &/or Compliance needs
• You facilitate communication between the Business and the IT teams during the project delivery phase, with experience in PROSCI methodology
• You are able to make the business aware of their own interests and the implications of their decision or request
• You pay attention to having the right trade-off between quality, cost and timeliness
• You are involved on a daily basis directly with the Risk/Compliance teams to help translate their needs and prepare for migration into the new IRM platform
• Knowledge/expertise of the life cycle/flow of a regulatory change & BAU Risk/Compliance processes from capturing a regulatory/business change, analyising its impact, performing a risk assessment, defining controls, assessing/testing controls, identifying & assessing control gaps, defining and following up on corrective action plans

• You’ll be involved in the testing of the ServiceNow Risk &/or Compliance modules:
• You develop business test scenarios
• You review the testing done by the technical team and package provider to ensure that requirements have been correctly implemented.
• You validate the quality of the changes end-to-end before passing to the Business for detailed validation
• You participate and support the test execution handled by the Business end-users during the User Acceptance Test (UAT)

You are involved in the operational readiness part of the project:
• You deliver or participate in the delivery of documentation to ensure a smooth migration of users such as user guides, quickcards
• You deliver trainings to users along with Tool experts and the Risk management key participants on the project

You’ll be involved in support and maintenance of the Risk module in ServiceNow together with Center of Excellence of ServiceNow :
• You are responsible for the delivery and follow up of maintenance requests.

• You support the requirements determination, the design, the build, the testing and deployment to keep and enhancing the business system.

Technical skills:

We are looking for Business Analyst with over 5 years experience in Risk &/or Compliance business domains.

For the more Business side of the job, the following skills are key:
Knowledge/expertise of the life cycle/flow of a regulatory change & BAU Risk/Compliance processes from capturing a regulatory/business change, analyzing its impact, performing of risk assessments, defining risks &/or controls, assessing/testing controls, identifying & assessing control gaps, defining and following up on corrective action plans
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. You know how to break down complex problems that stretch out over several domains into smaller pieces to understand logical links and dependencies. You can distinguish essential information and summarize it accordingly. You see how information is linked and you recognize common patterns in elements that seem unrelated at first
You have in-depth knowledge of risk and/or compliance domains, as well as their reporting needs
You have experienced transformational/harmonizing framework & process initiatives
You don’t hesitate to dig in the details when required
Logical reasoning
Strong willingness to learn how our ServiceNow application can be leveraged to its maximum potential, including roadmapped features for the future
For the more technical parts of the job:

You have experience in several GRC/IRM solutions, understanding their strengths/weaknesses/opportunities, specifically ServiceNow
You are willing to understand the technical infrastructure, in order to better communicate with the technical team and understand the constraints of the application.
You are willing to learn how the application is working, in order to be able to make some changes by yourself in the package
O technical skills are required (development, SQL, …)
The coordination part of the mission requires the following:

Positive attitude and willingness to learn
Customer-focused, service-oriented and business-minded
Solution oriented, Ready to step in to move the project forward
Willingness to learn and work in an agile mindset
Aware of security and data privacy policies
Flexibility to quickly adapt in case of unexpected change of priority
Excellent communication skills: present information clearly and concisely, provide regular information on status and issues, ensuring direct communication with stakeholders on the project
Good negotiation and conflict management skills
Organisational skills and capacity to work autonomously
Very good knowledge of English language

You know how to :

build constructive relationships with all stakeholders, both inside and outside (IT, Human Resources, external providers,...)
create clear and concise documentation (business requirements specifications, SOP, and other documents)
communicate efficiently with technical projects teams as well as Senior levels
manage changes and conflicting priorities
find solutions that meet clients needs
share knowledge and expertise with others

Contact person:

Contact name: Julien de le Vingne