Reporting developer




Project description:

The Group Digital Capabilities division ensures competitiveness by delivering reliable and sustainable IT solutions for the financial securities markets.

Our technical teams deliver new IT solutions and improve existing applications for both our internal as external clients. We deploy changes in the production environment in a controlled and structured way that doesn’t compromise production stability and we ensure applicative production support.

Our non-technical people maintain the maturity of the IT project delivery with appropriate controls in line with the group’s risk appetite and reducing development and running costs.

The Business Intelligence team is in charge of the development of management, regulatory and client reports. The team is part of the GDC (Group Digital Capabilities) division. The key skill required to work in Business Intelligence is to be interested by both the business world and the IT world. For that reason, we are looking for a person with an IT background and a strong business interest.


Refine the business requirements to understand the scope of Cognos or PowerBI reports

Design and develop the framework based on the Data Warehouse House tables

Create an easy to use reporting layer for the end user

Develop the reports and dashboards requested by the users

Define the scheduling requirements for the reports

Ensure a full testing of the frameworks, the reports and the dashboards

Prepare the deployments & installation instructions for the developments

Support the users in their development and usage of the Cognos and Power BI reporting tools

Your main responsibilities will be to handle Business Intelligence developments; based on your in depth knowledge of both Business and Business Intelligence you will act as catalyst in order to identify pragmatic solutions.

You will identify the right balance between Cost and Quality/Completeness.

Technical skills:

You have technical skills and a good business understanding/interest

You master IBM Cognos suite and have experience with Power BI.

You have practical experience of several applications developed using these tools

You also master the basics of dimensional modelling.

Knowledge of Business Intelligence methodology and agile development methods such as SCRUM is clearly an asset.

Contact person:

Contact name: Yves De Vocht