Replatforming Program Lead and PMO




Project Management and Business Consulting

Project description:

The IT application assets are currently hosted on both IBM Mainframe and Wintel infrastructures. The Mainframe platform runs the core insurance backend applications where business logic resides, it is the heart of the business activities, fully used and still growing every months. The front-end applications are mainly hosted on Wintel servers. The mainframe services are currently delivered by an external company. That company recently announced this service will end by 2022 being a definitive deadline.The current TCO of the platform is above market benchmarks.Those two elements drive the client to a re-hosting of its Mainframe application patrimony towards a new Platform.This is also perceived as a unique opportunity to modernize the client core applications and better integrate them with applications running on Wintel distributed systems. As per business case, the ideal target platform with lowest TCO to re-host those backend services is the Wintel platform, for whom the client already has experience, tools and profound knowledge. The Replatforming Program Lead will coordinate the activities of the different and various stakeholders of the Program. The Replatforming Program Lead will also take in charge the setup and follow-up of the programs KPI and dashboards. She/he will organize the different boards of the program and prepare the materials associated.


The Replatforming program has started since April 2019. A number of technical and testing activities have been launched. Different partners are involved in that large program. The design phase is just completed and the program is entering in the delivery phase. The client is looking for a “very well” organized program lead to coordinate and align the activities of all parties involved in the program.
A number of project managers are already active and all their plans must be consolidated and aligned to insure the delivery.
The program lead will be versatile in the sense that he/she will also take directly in charge a number of program office activities like the creation and communication of program KPIs and dashboards. The program lead will insure the defined governance is well put in place, the different boards are timely organized and prepared. The program lead will prepare the materials for these boards with the support of the different teams. The communication will be adapted to the targeted audience. The program lead will be “extremely” solutions minded, able to create and maintain a ONE team spirit taken into account the different point of views. The program lead will work in close collaboration with the program executive to insure that all parties are delivering following the budget and the plan.

In the Replatforming program, four key technical skills are essential :
 Sound foundational knowledge of IT infrastructure and architecture
 Sound knowledge of IT testing
 Sense of balance between the roles of program lead and technical advisor
 Ability to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms

The program lead will be supported by internal resource for the budget aspects and the risks management

Technical skills:


Bachelor or Master Degree.

 Scrum Master
 Program/Large Project Management in IT Infrastructure and development Organization
 PMO : KPIs’ and Dashboarding Creation
 Program Board Organization & Communication
 Third-party Suppliers management
 Knowledge in Infrastructure & Operations department
 Practical Knowledge of Program Management and all elements associated (Planning, Budget, Resources)
 Leadership of complex systems in IT organization
 Understanding of activities of an I&O departement and IT development department
 Mainframe and distributed infrastructure high-level understanding
 Leadership of large program in the financial industry
 No insurance functional skills are mandatory
 Knowledge of Insurance activities

Soft skills:

 Program/Project Management
 Project Office
 Organization and Problem Solving
 Board Level Communication skills
 Solutions & Results Driven
 Strong communication and listening skills
 Strong Structuration Skills
 Ability to identify & manage priorities

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing