Braine L'Alleud



Project description:

Advanced Analytics and AI are high on the agenda for the client's Research department and we are looking to strengthen the team of data scientists with a particular focus on turning informatics scripts into a robust toolkit for automated analytics.
In this context we are looking for a very experience R developer skills to contribute to the development of analytics workflows and tools focused on insights generation and decision support.


• Development of an automated bioinformatics toolkit as a member of the core agile development team (including product owner and 2 other R developers)
• Transforming scripts and functions into a managed workflow (with logging, monitoring, etc.)
• Integration with other technologies (including webservices, databases and interactive web apps)
• Code optimization & performance evaluation at several developmental stages in an agile environment
• Help to drive the analytical scope and method for projects, including formulating and shaping data integration and analytics methods

Technical skills:

- Mastery of R development (at least 5 years of intensive hands-on experience) and best practices
- Strong Mathematical and machine learning skills including evolutionary algorithms and representational learning
- Familiarity with broader R-ecosystem: load-balancing packages including OpenCPU
- Familiarity with support systems for running cloud applications
- Familiarity with software performance testing
- Strong communication skills within diverse teams including peer data scientists, bioinformaticians, geneticists and biologists
- Ability to work individually and in teams
- Experience in applying data science methods to bioinformatics challenges is a plus
- Experience with the healthcare / pharmaceutical industry is a plus

Contact person:

Contact name: David Van Hooydonck