Programmer Senior




IT Development

Project description:

We are searching for an external “senior developer” who can help us to improve our internal developers by coaching them on the job and help them to become more mature in their development métier.

It is about working and developing in a big data environment, wherin developers work together in agile teams and build data pipelines based on an in-house build framework.

Our internal developers are almost all coming from a legacy environment (mainframe oriented programming) and they worked previously in a classic BI and Data WhareHouse environment. Today we need to make the switch to a new development paradigm that is built on agile co-operation and new, mostly open source development tooling.

Our developers are organized in about 8 scrum teams, counting for about 40 developers that work in a SAFe context. We like to coach them and support them in their journey to improvement.

Besides that, we are also looking towards a ‘senior developer’ that can help in on of our feature teams to build a model management environment (model Monitoring and model factory) together with the help and input of our data scientists.

Both assignements require knowledge of Python, GitHub, Scala, Spark and data pipeline development aspects. For the first assignment we are looking for someone who is keen on coaching of a broad group of people from a core team. This requires some challenging of current programming, reviews of coding, and support of questions and assistance during development, to a mostly immature agile setup or teams.

Technical skills:

Computer skills:
Big Data / Data Intelligence

Computer tools:
Skype for Business
Microsoft Outlook
Functional domain


Soft skills:
Take Criticism
Team Player
Tolerant of Change and Uncertainty
Willingness to Learn

Contact person:

Contact name: Manuel Reyes