Program manager




Project description:

The Nova application platform consists out of of three main applications (CRM, Billing, Finance) an integration layer (ActiveMQ) and several staging applications all running on AWS Services.

The IT program manager reports to the Delivery manager. The IT program manager is responsible for the IT Delivery process and the tooling and environments supporting it. He or she has to ensure sustainable process adherence in Jira, provide reporting on key delivery metrics with the Scrum Masters.

Technical release management

  • Enforce branch creation and follow up throughout the dev timeline
  • Evolution branching strategy
  • Visualise feedback & automate reporting (release notes, (code) testing results, hotfix/uatfix process,…)
  • Work closely with (change office) release manager ; challenge release calender upon technical feasibility

The IT program manager is also responsible to manage technical system improvements as part of the backlog through the sprints

Project management special technical projects of the architectural roadmap

  • Organise Project “decoupling technologies during deploy”
  • Deliver the Technical Debt resolution plan


Professional experience (>5 years) as Project and delivery manager in an Agile environment

Responsbile for the IT Delivery process and the tooling and environments supporting it

Ensures that release are technically and functionally ready for release on time.

Leads Projects within the portfolio regarding the architectural roadmap / technical debt

Experience: Agile methodologies, JIRA, Bitbucket, Jenkins, branching strategies, testing, progress reporting and visualisation, contious delivery and process improvement

Contact person:

Contact name: Jasper van Beek