Process Manager


Brussels - onsite is required by the customer – no remote facilities


Management and Business Consulting

Project description:

Process manager : combination of Problem & escalation Manager

Technical description : Problem & escalation manager (process manager – but works in the technical layer, not on the pure process)

• Problem manager:
 person who drives action, who does chasing and follow-up.
 He becomes the owner of the problem and can sell his priority to the others.
 Triggered by the impact on the user on the business
 Reports on progress
 Defines actions (short term, structural)

• Escalation manager – Major Incident:
 same but even more focussed on urgency,
 organises warroom/technical bridges
 seeks for contributors
 thinks of progressing issue and also about communication

onsite is required by the customer – no remote facilities


• Tackling things at first quickly and goes for more structural solution when pressure is off
• Technical background/affinity knowing the correlation between infrastructure (servers, tools, network), middleware and applications -> landscape is about Linux servers, 2 twin datacenters and home build applications
• Continuous improvement mindset
• Pro-active working: seeks problems, trends, known errors, bypasses blocking issues

Contact person:

Contact name: David Van Hooydonck