.net architect





His/her job is to take the lead of a team of 4 developers to work on 2 projects:

Tulyp is a complex critical middleware platform that performs legal data publications towards official entities (ENTSO-E, CREG, ACER) and the website. Tulyp collects, aggregates, transforms, formats operational data at high frequency, and publishes it through different channels towards different multiple destinations. Relying on .NET, RabbitMq, SQL Server, MongoDB and other common infrastructure elements, the platform handles thousands of publication every day. Its modern and modular architecture ensures performance, high-availability and facilitates the required evolutions.
The new Opso application is used for establishing operational planning, i.e. the planning of works, both with and without outages, from three years ahead up to one week ahead of execution. It collects information about unplanned work orders, and submit them to a solver. By taking care of business rules, optimization and different scenarios, the solver proposes a scheduling for each work order. Through the user interface, the planner can validate, refuse or adapt manually the proposition. Main involved technologies are .NET, UWP, SQL Server, REST Api.
We are looking for an architect able to build a micro-services architecture with the respect of the Elia technologies and guidance.
As it is a long-term period, I am looking for an architect with more UI skill in Xaml than in Html!
He will check the quality of the code and the compliance with the rules.

Technical skills:

· .Net framework 4.7.2, C# 8.0
· WPF:
- Prism.
· Xamarin.Forms
· Uwp
· Html 5.0.
- VueJS with TypeScript.
- Blazor.Net (will replace VueJS)
· Azure DevOps Server.
· Sql Server 2016. Very good level.
· MongoDB
. Neo4J
· Async/await pattern.

Soft skills:

- French with a passive Flemish understanding or Flemish with a passive French understanding.
- English.
Location :
The candidate will work at Brussels (Central Station) and maybe Schaerbeek

Contact person:

Contact name: Tania De Wit