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MSSQL Server Specialist:

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Looking for a MSSQL server specialist:

Officially starting 13 jan then 6weeks (extension when successful)

The person needs general MSSQL server knowledge (like a DBA) plus needs to be a developer type because he need to solve issues on stored procedures that are being migrated from Sybase server to MSSQL server. (remote working is NOT an option, you need to speak Dutch/English)


  • Verify what stored procedures are not working anymore after migration from Sybase to MSsql server
  • Solve stored procedure issues in MSSQL server by finding an alternative solution to keep the functionality in tact.
  • Produce a report of not working stored procedures and how the functionality was restored.

The context of the 6 week mission is a Proof of concept to prove the Sybase server with its stored procedures can be moved lift an shift to a MSSQL server. If the result is that this can be done the official server migration project starts and there will be more work for this resource.

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