Knowledge Management Expert




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Project description:

Reporting to the Head of People & Communication you will be responsible for introducing a formal Knowledge Management process in IT, as per the industry recognised COBIT standards.

The aim of the process is to ensure all involved staff has access to relevant, current, validated and reliable information.

The purpose is to be able to

  • support all process activities
  • take informed decisions related to the governance / management of IT
  • increase productivity


To start with, you will be in charge of defining the KM process end -to-end proposal and document it, following the COBIT methodology. This includes :

  • the process description
  • the process workflow (and controls)
  • the definition of the process owner and R&R incl. setting up clear RACI charts
  • the definition of the different levels of access to knowledge documentation
  • the definition of the governance
    • definition of the governance owner and governance process
    • control definition and implementation
    • KPI’s to steer the process
  • the definition of a communication strategy of the new KM process and governance

Once the proposal is approved by Management you will ensure the roll-out of the KM process, as well as the set-up and follow-up/steer of a KM community. You will actively engage with this KM community to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, whenever you see gaps.

The KM community will :

  • Ensure Identification, validation and classification of the internal and external info sources required in IT
  • Verify all existing KM, review it and ensure it is accurate, clear and up to date
  • Verify that each documentation has an owner (to ensure it is kept accurate and up to date)
  • Organise and contextualise existing Information into Knowledge; define classification criteria
  • Identify and document meaningful relationships between information elements
  • Share best practices re. documentation templates and promote standardization
  • Implement the differrent access levels as per the defined governance.
  • document and (potentially) unify knowledge locations/tooling
  • evolve towards a self-organized community seeking continuous improvement

Technical skills:

  • Strong knowledge of the COBIT methodology
  • Proven experience of Knowledge Mgt process definition and implementation on the field
  • Personal qualities such as : self-starter, good communicator, pragmatic, no 'ivory-tower' mentality; likes to work in a VUCA environment
  • Ability to quickly understand company's Tech’s organization and activities
  • Ability to adapt and evolve in an international context, and understand and fit with company's culture and values.
  • Experience working in an advisory role
  • Ability to represent IT process concepts, both textually and visually
  • Full professional proficiency in English (verbal and written)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
  • Knowledge of Snow is an asset
  • Experience in setting up and animating communities is a plus

Contact person:

Contact name: Yves De Vocht