IS Program Manager - PEGA Implementation




IT Development

Project description:

The candidate will be assigned to the Non-Life IS division, which is part of IT and responsible for all Non-Life product-related development (maintenance and new functionalities) for underwriting applications and/or claims management.

The applications are developed based on a Cobol/DB2 back office, with various technologies used on the visual side (mainly web-enabled). For specific functionalities, packages as well as integration with external service providers can be used. The Non-Life Business has started a transformation journey to overhaul and modernize its processes and systems. The objective is to improve operational efficiencies for the back office teams as well as to enhance the broker and customer experience. This has led to major IT changes in the Non-Life IS ecosystem. The candidate will lead a program to implement the PEGA Case Management platform to support the NonLife Claims processes. This program includes the PEGA platform, but also several customers and brokers portals. It is a 3 years and multi-millions program.


You will be responsible for leading the IT implementation of the PEGA Case management platform with Non-Life division. You will organize, align and coordinate the delivery with the project Architecture and Business leads.

You will define and monitor the budget and the planning, and ensure the scope is in control and aligned with the budget and planning. You anticipate, reserve and adapt the teams capacity according to the needs, skills and planning.

You will ensure the teams apply AGILE practices, but you are also able to drive and communication on project following a more waterfall methodology.

You will ensure full alignment with the business and other IT teams.

You will coordinate the Partner relationship with the PEGA representatives and the PEGA Software Integrator.

Your activities Project Delivery:
You manage the reservation and coordination of resources to deliver your project.

Challenge: You coach the delivery team to challenge requests and solutions by proposing alternatives that offer a better cost/scope/timing/future-proof mix.

Organise: You manage your program budget and your delivery people. You will also optimize the delivery process to ensure it optimize the project delivery.

Communicate: You structure your communication, produce the required reports, prepare and animate project board and steerco. You communicate the right information to the right persons at the right time.

Negotiate: You negotiate priorities, scope, planning and budget with your business stakeholders.

Lead: You lead all actions and persons required for the delivery of the project.

Stimulate: You stimulate the collaboration between the involved teams.

Anticipate: You anticipate risks and problems to secure the good delivery of your project.

Technical skills:


Master’s degree (or equivalent through work experience) > 10 years of experience in IT Project delivery > 3 years of experience in Consulting > 2 years of Agile IT methodology practice

Experience with the implementation of IT packages
Strong Competence in budgeting and negotiations
Competence in team management and project portfolio management
Able to function at both a strategic and an operational level
Proven track record in insurance or a related field (finance, banking, etc.)
Experience with the IT implementation of PEGA or a Case Management package is a plus
Experience with multi layer platforms and integrations
Experience with the implementation of IT packages
Experience with the implementation of IT packages
Able to challenge solutions and processes by proposing alternatives, combining approaches that vary in scope/budget/planning of projects to offer the best solution for Business customers

Soft skills:

Structured and proactive
 Dynamic, analytical, able to distill the essential from the details
 Born leader, with the ability to drive projects to completion
 Strong communication skills (oral and written) at all levels of the organization
 Able to drive Steering Committee
 Able to communicate on different levels of abstraction
 Able to take a bird’s-eye view
 Able to deep where required
 Customer-friendly
 Quick learner
 Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team

Contact person:

Contact name: Ellen Luckx