Identity & Access Management Strategist




IT Infrastructure/support

Project description:

The Identity & Access Management Strategist will join the IAM team within the CISO organization (Cyber and Information Security Office). The Identity & Access Management Strategist is responsible to define the IAM Vision & Strategy for the client organisation in relation to employees, clients and business partners.
The IAM Vision & Strategy will identify and define the IAM Roadmap for the coming years and will include IAM initiatives inline with the overall business strategy defined for the organisation. The strategy will further elaborate on the existing IAM initiatives and prepare the client as an organisation towards a client-driven IAM Vision, taken in to account market evolutions and future use cases.
The Vision and Strategy also needs to include sector specific evolutions and trends aligned with similar national and international organisations. This will ensure that the target state IAM definition will be as optimal as possible to ensure a future-proof rollout of the identified IAM Roadmap.

Technical skills:

• Master's degree or equivalent experience
• 10 years of relevant experience in Identity & Access Management strategy / evangelism
• Experience with client and other national and international Railways organisations
• Experience with translating business drivers into an IAM Roadmap and initiatives to support business
• In-depth knowledge of IAM concepts such as role models, governance, workflows, business process integration and operating model
• In-depth knowledge of specific compliance and regulatory requirements (NIS, GDPR, eIDAS, ISO27k, webtrust)
• Record of responsibility
• Spoken and written fluency in English, and Dutch or French
• Passive understanding of Dutch and French

Contact person:

Contact name: Ellen Luckx