Full Stack .net Developer




IT Development

Project description:

  • Développement .NET full stack
  • Gestion de la maintenance et change request des applications existantes
  • Développement de nouvelles applications
  • Suivi les standards ICT
  • Collaboration avec l’équipe existante lors des meetings de suivi pour coordonner le travail (Agile/scrum)

De functie:

  • General weekly follow-up status report (todo, doing, done, blocked)
  • Execution of actual tasks including a detailed progress report:
    • Development and maintenance (corrective and evolutive)
  • Define and maintain backlog, sprint log, issue log, planning, … via a tool like Jira (following company standards)
  • Quality review reports (technical, development, …)
  • Realisation of the necessary developments, unit testing and versioning via GIT
  • Realisation of administrative tasks like RFI/AIM, OTN, infrastructure requests, release notes, deploy procedures, impact analysis for RacApps
  • Ensure handover of any development done towards internal teams

Technical skills:

10 Years experience:
.NET, C#, ASP.NET WebApi, Entity Framework, code first, migrations, Windows services, batch consoles, …

5 Years experience:

HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript/TypeScript, AngularJS 1 & 2+, minification, uglification, …Hybrid App development (e.g. Cordova), Redux, …

8 Years Experience:

Design patterns & best practices: SOLID, IoC / DI, …

10 Years experience:


Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, NuGet, …SqlServer, Oracle, …

8 Years Experience:

NUnit, MS Test, …

5 years Experience:

WebPack, NPM, …

BootStrap, PrimeNG, …

8 years experience:

TeamCity (continuous integration), Octopus, Azure DevOps, …


Agile / Scrum




Contact person:

Contact name: Yves De Vocht