DevOps Monitoring Specialist




System and Support

Project description:

We are looking for Monitoring Specialist. Someone who is responsible for managing and improving our Central Monitoring tool/infrastructure.

As a member of the WCO-team (Webhosting & Cloud Orchestration), you are responsible for managing and improving the Central Monitoring tool/infrastructure. The central monitoring tool consists of different types of monitoring & (K)PI measurements and this for different components like services/products/platforms.


You provide the necessary operational support and monitoring instructions to all related stake-holders. You are continuously working on improvements to make the Central Monitoring Tool/infrastructure even better with the needs from within our department.

You know Nagios-based monitoring systems and know the difference between:
• Active and Passive checks
• State-based and Log/Event based monitoring.
• Round Robin DB’s and Time-series DB’s
• browser based monitoring on reference users or RUM-type monitoring (using agents on servers and injecting JS in pages for all users)
• …

For making and maintaining monitoring plugins, you are familiar with scripting in bash, Python, PHP, Powershell, …
You understand and use monitoring systems for:
• having infrastructure problems diagnosed by the system as opposed to manually.
• extracting data used in reporting (PI / KPI numbers)
• extending monitoring functionality to address particular operational issues that are not included in the standard solutions.

Technical skills:

The following terms and technologies are well-known:
• Nagios
• Nagvis
• pnp4nagios
• RRD (tool / rrdcached)
• Check-mk functionality
• Livestatus
• Check-mk multisite
• SNMP (-/traps)
• Selenium / Webdriver

Knowledge of following is a plus:
• Gearman
• Graphite
• Splunk
• Elastic Stack (ex-ELK : ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)
• Graphana
• InfluxDB
• DynaTrace

Contact person:

Contact name: David Van Hooydonck