Data Scientist




System and Support

Project description:

For various business projects:

 You perform and support analyses:
o You are responsible for acquiring insights, the creation of business rules, statistical models based on data
o Predictive modeling, classification, segmentation,…
o You control the quality of the analytical output, with a specific focus on statistical methodology and underlying business value. You ensure that the performed analyses are in line with the business problem.
o You collaborate closely with the various business stakeholders on the project

 You ensure and support the implementation :
o You are jointly responsible in the pilot phase of a project for the development of a data product based on your analyses.
o You support the follow up and the usage of the delivered data products.

 You perform and support data collection
o You are responsible for the creation of the necessary requirement for the various business projects of the team. You are in communication with internal stakeholders on this.

Technical skills:


Insurance Domain knowledge

Effective Communication: Detailing your techniques and discoveries to technical and non-technical audiences in a language they can understand.
Works with and alongside business users by suggesting other products of interest to the client.
Works with stakeholders to identify the business requirements and the expected outcome.

Math (e.g. linear algebra, calculus and probability)
Statistics (e.g. hypothesis testing and summary statistics)
Machine learning tools and techniques (e.g. k-nearest neighbors, random forests, ensemble methods, etc.)
Data cleaning and munging
Data visualization and reporting techniques
Unstructured data techniques
R and/or SAS languages

Software engineering skills (e.g. distributed computing, algorithms and data structures)
SQL databases and database querying languages
Experience with Databricks / Azure
Data Engineering skills
Data analytics skills

Soft skills:

Analytical skill-set
Business savvy
Collaboration & Proactive
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing