Data Base administrator Medior





Project description:

  • Working with the end-user and functional architect, develop a logical Data Model that meets the needs of the end-user.
  • Transpose the logical Data Model into the physical Data Model in order to optimise the performance (cost, stability, integrity, availability, etc.) of the applications.
  • Work on business projects and supervise your own projects in order to reach the objectives inherent to these projects (timing, budget, quality, scope).
  • Take part in the project analysis phase as a Oracle adviser. Provide support, follow-up and maintenance for part of the IT infrastructure in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and availability (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and in compliance with the SLAs).
  • Optimise the availability of all Oracle subsystems (systems and objects).
  • Ensure that databases are available at an affordable cost in the business application and search constantly for optimisations in order to reduce the cost, without harming the quality or availability.
  • Ensure monitoring of the existing subsystems.
  • Define new IT architectures and adapt the existing architectures (working with colleagues, project managers, customers, security and suppliers) in order to improve and enhance the bank's existing IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis.
  • Identify new functionalities or optimise existing functionalities.
  • Act as a database expert (Oracle)
  • Document and validate the standards architecture (Oracle)

Soft skills:

  • Flexibility; Attention to detail; Proactivity; Analytical mindset; Strong Communicator; Critical Mindset.
  • Dutch , French and English

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing