Data Analist / Modeller


Brussels & Schaerbeek - Min. of 50% on-site presence is requested


IT Analysis

Project description:

We are looking for one consultant in order to support the team in realizing several tasks (data collection, scenario creation, output analysis, slide/figure creation, literature review, historical data analysis/corrections…)…all related to the use of the modelling framework at SMA (mostly using the market tool: ANTARES). Those data would then be used in the current market modelling tools used by SMA. This assignment requires knowledges on data mining/processing with Rstudio, Excel/VBA mainly with minimum knowledge of the ANTARES tool itself (nice to have) and some knowledge of electricity markets (and other energy carriers is a plus).
Therefore we are looking for the support of a specialized company with expert knowledge of data mining, data gathering/processing (in VBA, Excel, R), data visualization and ANTARES simulation tool.
The consultant will help to perform different tasks in different projects within the SMA team:
  • A long term offshore study where different configurations of offshore grids in the North Sea will be assessed;
  • A joint-study with the gas network operator where long term scenarios are going to be quantified;
  • A long term multi-energy study creating scenarios for the whole energy system and testing how to model those within the ANTARES tool;
  • Other tasks (not yet defined).


  • Create tools in VBA/R/Excel in order to input/change different parameters in the ANTARES tool;
  • Gather needed historical data and perform some analysis;
  • Perform literature review of future technologies or of other studies;
  • Create tools to analyze outputs of simulations;
  • Create models in ANTARES and perform simulations;
  • ....

Technical skills:

  • Rstudio (must have)
    R is a software language with focus on statistical data analysis.

    R is only in use for 2 years within the team. Several scripts were developed by the French TSO (RTE) to input and output data from ANTARES. The team has also further developed scripts for their own studies and analysis. R is more and more used and replaces Excel/VBA in the scripting where a lot of data needs to be handled.
    RTE packages:
  • VBA/Excel (must have)
    Excel and VBA are a lot use to conduct analyses or to use this as an interface for Rscripts. It is one of the way the teams uses to analyse data (up to a certain size). Many of the databases used by SMA are stored in Excel format.
  • ANTARES (mainly the input/output interface but also a general knowledge of economic dispatch tool is a ‘nice to have’)
    ANTARES is an economic dispatch tool developed by RTE, the French TSO. In the application’s core is an economic dispatch tool for the electricity market. Antares allows to simulate the electricity market on an hourly basis.

    The tool needs to be fed with input data and given the large quantity of data generated by the simulator (depending on the study, more than 10 GB per simulation), several scripts and spreadsheets were developed to input, retrieve data and analyse it.
  1. QGIS – vizualization tool (‘nice to have’ but big plus)

Soft skills:

  • You have knowledge / experience in data mining/processing of big amount of data with Rstudio tool;
  • You have at least and minimum two years of experience with similar project in the past;
  • You have ideally some knowledge and interest in the energy market;
  • You are able to work independently and in a team;
  • You have an analytical and innovative mind;
  • You are fluent in French or Dutch, and fluent in English.

Contact person:

Contact name: Tania De Wit