Cloud back-end architect





Project description:

Our customer is setting up a public cloud environment for critical applications. They are looking for an experienced cloud architect for defining the best technical guidelines and governance for installing new applications or migrating existing applications to the cloud.


The role will include a mix of high-level architecture work, solution design work and hands-on implementation of proofs of concept.

Technical skills:

Enterprise-level cloud experience in IBM cloud or Azure cloud (preferably both) is needed. This includes some familiarity with cloud security, hybrid environments, networking, organizational aspects...
Enterprise-level Kubernetes or OpenShift experience is needed.

  • IBM Cloud - Medior
  • Azure Cloud - Medior
  • Kubernetes - Medior
  • Openshift- Medior
  • Cloud Security - Medior
  • Hybrid Cloud - Medior
  • Networking - Junior

Soft skills:

  • Lanuages: English
  • Seniority: Medior 3-8 years of experience

Contact person:

Contact name: Yves Cambron