Change Manager





General Objective :

Change Manager ensures that change management activities are carried out within the framework of IT organization at group level.

Change Management:

Advising and accompanying change processes within the assigned department with the aim of enabling these change processes to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Examples of activities:

Stakeholder analysis: who are the parties involved and what do they have to gain and lose in the change process. On this basis, draw up a communication and support plan;
Identify and develop a group of "change agents" and accompany them in their mission of change;
Write and participate in the execution of a change plan so that the planned structural changes can be easily implemented;
Facilitate workshops, organize coaching interviews, etc.


Expected role in Change Management:

In the context of the implementation of IT activities at group level.
  • Define and organize the change activities to align the understanding of IT profiles in both group entity
  • Define and organize the change activities to facilitate the deployment of group IT tools & solution (like Sharepoint, DMS…)
  • Is responsible for carrying out, under the supervision of IT Management, the following change management activities:
    • audience and impact analysis
    • communication strategy and plan
    • communication execution
    • animation of a network of change agents if needed
    • proposal of training strategy and curriculum, as well as the material production
    • stakeholder management
  • Is consulted on the necessary organizational alignment activities to be carried out by the managers.
  • Must ensure that the project delivers the training materials in collaboration with the Process Owner.
  • Must ensure that communication, eLearning & training take place before deploying the application and verify that the target audience has been prepared.
  • Is consulted for the definition of a post go-live support structure and must communicate it
  • Must follow acceptance / adoption of the change and take appropriate corrective actions where needed.

Soft skills:

Languages :

Mastering English is essential.
Mastering German as well as Dutch or French would certainly be a plus.

Location :

The activities will be run from Belgium, but of course with significant involvement on the German teams (1-2 per week).

Contact person:

Contact name: Tania De Wit