Batch scheduling Expert Control-M




System and Support

Project description:

The client is executing a major IT transformation program where business applications hosted on Mainframe will be migrated to a Windows solution stack. Within this program, the batch scheduling over Control-M Mainframe will be migrated to Control-M on Windows. The program is estimated to deliver in 2022. To support both the transformation program and the operational batch services in the run, the team responsible for the batch planning administration & monitoring is looking for Batch scheduling expert Control-M.


In support of the IT transformation program:
 Support and facilitate the transformation change for the batch scheduling and monitoring part
 Support the the migration of batch planning from Control-M scheduler Mainframe to Control-M scheduler Windows
 Administrate, monitor and support the batch planning on the new platform Control-M Windows
 Support the migration of Batch monitoring service Mainframe to the Batch monitoring service distributed
 Migrate and document operational procedures on behalf of the 24/7 Batch monitoring service distributed
 Act in respect of scope, timing and budget
 Assure transparency to management and project leading
 Adopt a positive, collaborative and constructive attitude in the relationship between all the stakeholders

In general, as Batch scheduling expert :

Team responsibilities:
 Deployment of new batches schedules
 Maintenance of existing batches schedules
 Follow up and control of batch operations
 Support of internal clients, mainly IT Development team
 Execution of all request around Control-M scheduling
 Deliver and maintain operational procedures

Your mission/function:
 Reception and validation of batch scheduling requests
 Support to development teams in the setup of new requests
 Implementation of the requests in the scheduler with strict appliance of the instructions and IT processes

Technical skills:


Bachelor in computer science or equivalent professional experience.

 Practical IT experience in large organisation
 Control-M scheduler Mainframe
 Control-M scheduler Windows
 Windows batch scripting
 IT Operations and IT Systems (IBM Mainframe & Windows)

Soft skills:

 Team Player
 Client oriented
 Operational excellence minded
 Caring and supportive to users
 Easy and clear communicator
 Sociable, reliable, accurate & empathetic
 Adaptive and supportive to change
 Quality and result oriented
 Solution minded

Contact person:

Contact name: Recruitment IT Staffing