Application Designer




IT Development

Project description:

Undertake functional and/or technical application designs in the context of projects and/or system maintenance activities, including designs for particularly critical parts of systems.

Undertake complex systems designs and contribute to the supervision and/or validation of the development process, using allocated colleagues as necessary for detailed analysis and coding activities.
Design applications in line with the required business and operational requirements, while being compatible with the enterprise wide architectural and design guidelines.
Ensure the correct translation of the business requirements and operational constraints into a structured and efficient set of functional and data models.
Lead the process of detailed design. .Formulate and define system scope and objectives for assigned projects. Devise or modify procedures to solve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form of desired results.
Responsible for the quality review of the functional and technical design delivered by less experienced designers
Responsible for the quality review of the program specifications, and documentation performed by the people assigned to the development of own design.
Can produce program specifications for complex or critical applications and be in charge of the quality review of the coding, testing and debugging of these programs.
Occasionally contribute to application testing activities
Has full knowledge of all phases of applications design, as well as a good understanding of the application development and testing phases.
Has a strong understanding of the business or function for which application is designed.
May lead (from a technical perspective) and coach a small team of IT professionals.


  • work on several tasks in parallel while sticking to deadlines set
  • communicate with technical projects teams
  • create clear and structured documentation
  • share knowledge and expertise with others
  • interpret a problem in its context and systematically look for additional information to solve it
  • examine matters from a distance and put them in a broader context and time perspective
  • obtain approval of others with good arguments, appropriate influencing methods and a certain “natural authority”
  • continuously learn new things to further grow in your domain of expertise and implement actions to promote own development

Technical skills:

  • several years of experience as developer
  • Mainframe knowledge
  • knowledge of the following tools/languages : PLI, DB2, MQ, CICS


  • Securities Settlement Business knowledge
  • Credit/banking knowledge

Soft skills:

  • very good analytical skills
  • solution oriented mindset
  • flexibility to quickly adapt in case of unexpected change of priority
  • good organizational skills and capacity to work autonomously
  • excellent communication skills
  • experience on major projects

Contact person:

Contact name: Yves De Vocht